‘Crash’ background work – for Monday’s (10th September) lesson

Please complete the following task to gain a deeper understanding of the text:

  1. ‘Crash’ was released in 2005.  Discuss topical events of the time and how these are reflected in the film.
  2. Discuss L.A – it’s cultural and political framework.  Give information on its physical layout, pay reference to the melting pot of ethnicities that exist there, acknowledge America’s past with slavery.  Be aware of how the setting INFLUENCES characters.
  3. Discuss people’s perceptions of Los Angeles (Hollywood, Fame, Palm trees…) in comparison to the reality of the setting.
  4. Research the director, Paul Haggis.  Why did he create this piece and what was the purpose for it?  What other films has he directed and what do they tell us about his (auteur) style?
  5. Uncover how critics and audiences received the film.  Read some reviews and discuss whether you agree or disagree with their viewpoints.

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